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Share your P20 with them.

As Monograf Apparel partners with #theblackboardproject, we create a channel where we can  all be heroes to these children. Just simply add the #theblackboardproject P20 Gift Card to your shopping cart. You may write your MESSAGE OF A HERO, and we will make sure that your P20 and your message will reach them as soon as possible. As our token of gratitude, we will acknowledge you together with your message at www.monografapparel.com/theblackboardproject.    

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Monograf Apparel partners with #theblackboardproject

Children of Sitio Lamdanay in Brgy Maan, T'boli, South Cotabato happily received their bags containing essentials and gifts from The Blackboard Project. Monograf Apparel partners with #theblackboardproject Paying forward!  The 'The Blackboard Project' is the brainchild social initiative of Edelito Cawit, Jr., known more as Kuya Ed. Since 2015, Kuya Ed, together with his colleagues, braved far flung communities to extend their generosity. They spend time to immerse with the people, teaching them basic hygiene and sharing life lessons. They also give simple gifts like hygiene essentials, school supplies, basic clothings, foot wears etc, funded from their own personal pockets. Volunteers creatively prepare the slippers for the children.   With their aim to reach larger communities, The Blackboard Project seeks benefactors to help them defray the cost of their programs....

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5 Hilarious Facts about Monograf Apparel

       A peek to how we all have begun everything Number 1: Out of a Movie and Brownies (and Brandy) I was introduced to this comedy film entitled “The Boss” last year which I watched three times in one sitting! Wealthy CEO Michelle Darnell (Melissa McCarthy) whose riches in one snap were all gone. She finds herself broke and homeless. No one is by her side not until her former assistant Claire (Kristen Bell) offered her home. Until Michelle tasted the homemade brownies made by Claire, she encouraged Claire to quit from her job and start a business out of the brownies. Michelle had sleepless nights, sipping cups of coffee with brandy (I think), making herself crazy but...

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